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Since the age of eight I have always had a desire a travel.  I began taking French in second grade, and I remember visiting my parents’ friends whose son had just returned from his junior year abroad.  I remember looking at the pictures and postcards of Paris and vowing that one day I would have the same experience.

In high school I participated in a three-week trip abroad where I stayed with a French family in Arcachon, France.  I discovered that I not only have a deep-seated desire to travel, but I wish to visit these other places as a native:  experiencing how they live, what they eat, and what they appreciate about their city.

After college my husband and I moved to New York City to experience the Big Apple.  We lived for four years in Greenwich Village and our first child was born there.  I discovered that large metropolitan cities are made up of small intimate neighborhoods where commerce is predominantly small specialty shops, strolls in the park are a part of the daily routine, and family dynamics are no different than the suburban counterparts.

My traveling adventures took a hiatus while I raised a family and pursued a teaching career.  However the Lord does give us our heart’s desire, even though we may have to wait a decade or two.  In 2007 I led a group of students on a one week trip to London.  For many of them this was their first European experience, and my passion for travel rekindled.

I now find myself in a new phase of life.  The children have left our house to build homes of their own; I have retired from a fulfilling teaching career; and I have discovered a passion for writing that rivals my passion for travel.  It is my desire that this blog will serve to share these personal experiences in a way that others can feel as though they have traveled with me.

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